art challenge showcase

"What Colors Your World? Show and Tell entries!"

See what brightens the days of other library patrons. We can all use something to smile about! 

sleeping corgi

sleeping corgi

sleeping dog

These little guys brighten up my day! - Bryn Ivonavitch-Craft

sleeping cat

Ruby and her toy snake! - Katrina Bowen

Zeke Brightens My World.PNG

Zeke brightens my world - Jody H.

night streetscape

Photography colors my world! - Jarrod Blankenship

purple sky reflected in water

Sunsets in Grand Marais color my world! - Betty Krones

small bonfire


Camping last weekend with my family. And driving my dad's '66 Impala for the first time. - Staci B.

dog sitting on chair

dog covered in blanket looking at camera

Joey! - Kellie Jensen

oranges flower

I drive by some poppies on our road and love their vibrancy! They're so cheerful! - Christi S.

painting by child

My son, 3-years-old, painting this picture today of a rock and superhero - according to him. His (and his older sister’s) creative ability make me smile every day and to know that this was a painting dreamed up by him, all on his own, gives me hope! - Dana Thomas, picture painted by her son, Ian Thomas, 3.

small dog sleeping in doorway

My sleepy dog Bones! :) - Missy N. 

iowa state flag

The Iowa flag, a colorful and truly artistic choice for what colors her world and brightens her day. - Joan D.

flag of united states of america

There is nothing that colors my world better and that brightens my day than seeing the Stars & Stripes flying. It is a work of art (as somebody had to design it). Also, it is undoubtedly as colorful as the best painting in the world. - Kevin D.

two mallard ducks

Originally, the thought was to go with The Ugly Duckling for the creative cover, but he did not want to hurt the beautiful birds' feelings. Thus, he went with this choice for his coloring his world. Ducks are works of art without any doubt, and they are so cheerful with their quacks to color your day. - Donald D.

child's drawing of pikachu

Here is a wonderful picture my grandson drew. - Sue R.

small dog standing in front of flowers

My little girl is much of the color of my world! We enjoy our snacks, walks, and talks! ❤️ - Rebecca F.


small sleeping dog

My dog Hammy! makes me smile!
- Christine J.

beach at sunset

Travel, sunsets, friends, and new experiences brighten my day (it's from my recent trip to Jamaica). - Alana J.

Book Cover Challenge


Look here for the clever creations submitted by our patrons in the Adult Summer Reading Book Cover Challenge! 

hoop dreams cover and recreated cover

The book is Hoop Dreams, original cover from the library. - Kevin D.

bridges of madison county cover and recreated cover

The Bridges of Madison County. The bridge is from Mason City and is not covered, but unfortunately we do not have any covered bridges around to photograph. - Joan D.

world of steam locomotives cover and recreated cover

While my father had the initial thought of doing The Little Engine that Could, there was some concern about choosing a children's book. He retargeted with a nonfiction book cover, The World of Steam Locomotives with Gustav Reder from your library. Actually the picture fits this cover better than that children's classic. 

It is a Mason City train. - Donald D.

a moveable feast cover and recreated cover

 I did A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway which I borrowed from the library last summer and LOVED. - Missy N.

papa please get the moon for me cover and recreated cover

I decided to go with an old one I used to read to my brother. In an attempt to honor the late Eric Carle, I selected "Papa, please give me the moon" - Jarrod Blankenship

what color is your parachute cover and recreated cover

This was the color of our parachute adventure on vacation!

- Michelle M.

gollywhopper egg book cover

The Gollywhopper Egg - Christine J.